Flux MX

Interactive visualization

Flux is an interactive visualization that shows transaction flows between different tiles and zip codes while combining information from Venues in Foursquare metropolitan areas of Mexico DF, Guadalajara and Monterrey. The display allows, among other things, determine which areas exercise as poles of commercial attraction and which are a source of customers for given zip codes or tiles.

The display shows a map of 550x450m tiles in the three cities during the sample period (November 2014 - April 2014) All the information is aggregated for the 6 months in the app. The API provided by BBVA gives data on transactions by credit card in each of the cells, aggregated by postcode This information has been combined with geographic information provided by the google maps API (geolocation of cells), and data provided by the Foursquare API. The app computes all this data to give the inbound and outbound flow between cells of the visualization

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